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Selected Partners and ActivateFuture
develop a collaborative Evolution Network

| Complementary strengths and competencies |  In order to quickly enlarge and adapt one's own spectrum of capabilities,  enterprises increasingly need to collaborate. Complementary product and service demand and supply can have a positive impact immediately, where one's own set-up is falling short. The mutual sharing allows partners to increase their focus and quality in their core business. However, clear agreements and instantaneous communication become a precondition.

| Partnering as a service offering |  The arrangement of such partnerships rounds off the consulting and coaching services of ActivateFuture. The collaboration between enterprises can only prove to be successful in the long run, if resilient structures and commonly meaningful pictures of the future can be designed on top of short-term business advantages. Exactly this is our ambition.

All information at a glance

Defining and visualizing target structures, priorities and progress within one cockpit.

Marcus Baur, Gründer und CEO Goalscape
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Marcus Baur, Founder and CEO of Goalscape,

architect and two-time Olympian in Sailing

Goalscape delivers a unique software solution as being our  cooperation partner, which supports the approach of ActivateFuture in an ideal fashion

| Visualized goals, priorities and progress for an execution in full orientation, clarity and certainty |

| Intuitively, easily and dynamically to handle application | 

| All advantages check lists, mind maps, business model canvas, gantt diagrams and Kanban boards
in one cockpit with additional helpful functions and features |

| Barrier-free collaboration given
 sharepoint functionality, high  security standards (Germany-based data centre) |

| Facilitating a more f
ocussed leadership, agile teamwork amd result-oriented evolution |


Negative CO2 Contribution and much more


Nutrition, materials and energy become regenerative, better and cheaper

Christoph & Torsten_rund.jpg
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Christoph Hiemer and Torsten Becker
Co-Founder of carbonauten

carbonauten and ActivateFuture share the same matter of heart - to counter the climate escalation in a meaningful way. And this only works through cooperation and solidarity in mutually sharing networks.

| One carbonization platform for six markets: agriculture, polymers, construction, energy, chemicals and carbon removal |

| Versatile usable bio-carbon, bio-destillates and gas from the pyrolysis process, plus baseload capable excess energy

| High-value CO2 certificates from regional production - 3.3 tons of CO2 are forever captured in 1 ton of biocarbon |

| Given the low-cost, easy to procure input of wooden waste / biomass, and the versatile usage of the various output products, there are tangible cost and resilience advantages for all parties |

| The modular set-up of the minus CO2 factories allows to customize the local setting to the needs of the industry and the circular economy
 in the respective region and beyond |

carbonauten GmbH seeks growth capital starting with 50.000 Euro per ticket.  
In case you are interested, please feel free to ask for more detailed information via our contact form stating the keyword "Investment in Minus CO2".
We will come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot in advance.

Change starts with everyone personally

Managers and employees are placed in the centre of evolutionary processes.

Norbert Schleich, Gründer ProWert Coaching
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ProWert Coaching complements ActivateFuture's business coaching by means of a specific offering

| Coaching and training of management team members |

| Personal Coaching for employees being in change processes | 

| Workshops on leadership culture and conflict handling competence among other |

Approach and philosophy of ProWert Coaching:  

| Share knowhow and diverse experience of a career in a DAX-30 Group and many other areas of life |

| Enable people, to discover their own strengths, motivation and potential, and to make best use of those characteristics in processes of change and in situations of conflicts |

| Elaborate orientation, clarity and certainty based on own motivation and inner power |

Norbert Schleich, Personal Coach, Systemic Consultant, more than 30 years experience in Personnell and Restructuring

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